Can you spot where/why the violin goes into bass clef?!

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Chamber Music Contest, so CMNZ is spending plenty of time connecting with Contest Alumni members. Our Alumni Correspondent Salina Fisher has been delving deep into the 50-year history of the Contest, and will be sharing many Alumni stories for you in the coming months as we celebrate an important year […]

Students at the 2015 Adam Summer School

The Adam Chamber Music Festival may finish on Day Ten, but the chamber music making in Nelson is by no means over. Each year the Adam Chamber Music Festival Directors also run a Summer School for young chamber musicians. Blogger and Summer School Manager Annette Monti shares what happens in the week that follows the […]

The Grand Finale concert in Nelson Cathedral with the Song Company, the New Zealand String Quartet and The Ying Quartet.

A whirlwind ten days it has been. Before we let Korimako blog the final of it all, we (the folks running this blog) want to say a big thank you to all the contributors this year: ‘Tristan’, Linley, Jacquetta, Korimako, Les and Peter – Thanks for sharing the delights of the 2015 Adam Chamber Music Festival with […]


As the final weekend of the Adam Chamber Music Festival approaches we welcome a new blog contributor, but a man who is no stranger to chamber music in NZ. Retired Professor Les Holborow is a past member of both the Chamber Music NZ and Musica Boards and long term attendee of the Adam Festival and […]

The Troubadours getting ready to perform live on air with Radio New Zealand Concert in Nelson.

Our bellbird blogger, Korimako introduces a young ensemble who are benefiting from a wonderful Adam Chamber Music Festival initiative and gives his opinion on a repeat concert (Day Six) by the Ying Quartet… Thursday 5 Feb – from ‘Korimako’ (written 6 Feb) Korimako began day four of the Festival by visiting St Joseph’s School to hear […]

Song Comapny in Nelson for the 2015 Adam Chamber Music Festival.

A fine day at the 2015 Adam Chamber Music Festival, our blogger ‘Tristan’ shares it all from engrossing discussions, to operas and many hands at not so many keyboards… Wednesday 4 Feb – from ‘Tristan’ (written 5 Feb) This morning’s conversation was with the conductor of one of the two main guest ensembles at this year’s festival: […]

Lake Rotoiti from the Chapel windows

Hard to believe it is already the second half of this jam-packed, music-filled Adam Chamber Music Festival, but there you go. The question is, will the second half rattle to an explosive end or will it work towards a gentle and relaxing finish? No doubt our bloggers will reveal all as it unfolds. And here […]


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