AUTHORS: Who is writing the 10 Days of Chamber Music?

This blog is being run and managed by the folk at Chamber Music New Zealand (CMNZ) – which is the country’s largest presenter of professional international and national chamber music concerts, touring all around New Zealand.

We’ve teamed up with the Adam Chamber Music Festival (An international chamber music festival held bi-ennially in Nelson NZ) and a key chamber music lover in Nelson to create daily entries.

While CMNZ isn’t directly presenting or organising the Adam Chamber Music Festival 2013, many of the artists we tour are featuring in this festival, and in the past we have worked closely with many of those who are involved in producing this wonderful event.

Additionally CMNZ’s CEO, Euan Murdoch (a cellist), will be heading to the festival to run a series of masterclasses culminating in a performance – so stay tuned to hear more from him on that!


We’ve affectionately nick-named our key Nelson contributor after the New Zealand Bellbird, here’s a some background info on the person behind the name…

Korimako has been involved in the Nelson music scene for more than thirty years, both in administration and active music making.   Before coming to Nelson this split personality was involved in a variety of music performance ranging from choral singing to brass bands.

Korimako enjoys attending live opera whenever it’s on offer, and is looking forward especially to Mahler, the Bach cello suites and the large chamber groups.

We’ll also have guest blogs from the performers and festival artists themselves – and who knows, if you’re in Nelson for the festival you might get stopped and asked for your input/thoughts/opinion on it all!


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  1. […] the first time during the 2013 Adam Festival, Chamber Music NZ set up a blog, and Korimako was the principal contributor – sending 14 blogs with an astounding total of nearly 6000 words, plus countless […]

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