INTRODUCTION: What is the 10 Days of Chamber Music?

The 10 Days of Chamber Music posts are all about chamber music in New Zealand, centred around the ten intense days that are the 2013 Adam Chamber Music Festival.

Nelson Adam Chamber Music Festival

Once every two years some of New Zealand and the world’s amazing chamber musicians gather in sunny Nelson (situated at the top of the South Island) for ten days of wonderful music, beautiful venues and summer sunshine to put on the Adam Chamber Music Festival.

Many of New Zealand’s well-known professional classical ensembles and musicians feature alongside international artists in the festival and outside of these ten days can be seen in concert all around the country. Among these are – the New Zealand String QuartetNZTrio, the New Zealand Guitar Quartet, Jenny Wollerman (soprano), Diedre Irons (piano), musicians from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and more! And if they are touring NZ it is quite likely it is as part of a Chamber Music New Zealand season.

These 10 days of chamber music in Nelson are immersing – for both new-comers to the genre or those more familiar with its intricacies.

And regardless of which category you fall into: chamber-music-noob or chamber-music-know-it-all; we  think that spring-boarding a micro-blog off the 2013 Adam Chamber Music Festival is a great way to take stock of the exciting state of chamber music in New Zealand.

So join us for ten days of articles, reviews, pictures and more – shedding light on great music, great musicians and the great energy that chamber music is continuing to gather in our country!adam-chamber-festival-2013

Chamber Music New Zealand


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