Day Nine: Simply put, Chamber music rocks!

NZTrio’s violinist Justine Cormack took time on her flight back from Nelson to Auckland to fill us in on her experience at this year’s festival… (shameless plug: 😉 you can catch the trio on tour around the country with Chamber Music New Zealand in May this year!)

Justine Cormack, NZTrio violinist

Justine Cormack, NZTrio violinist

Friday 8 Feb – From Justine Cormack (NZTrio)

I’m typing this blog post while on the plane returning to Auckland, having just performed an NZTrio lunchtime concert in the Adam Chamber Music Festival with my dear friends and colleagues, Sarah Watkins and Ashley Brown. Reflecting on the day and week that has been, I feel so fortunate to be on my musical journey with such stunning and inspiring musicians, and have been thoroughly nourished this week by the music that has surrounded me at the festival.

Of course we threw ourselves into our own performances, but the wonderful added bonus has been the chance to attend a wildly diverse mix of chamber music concerts as audience members ourselves.

I believe that in chamber music, we experience true intimacy of human expression from which wonderfully meaningful emotional communication can result. Each musician is fully engaged, throwing all of themselves, both physically and emotionally, into the performance. As audience members, we get to intimately know each performing musician on a personal level through their playing. But the wonder comes when these distinct energies and personalities combine through the artistry of the musicians into one harmonious and simply miraculous whole that can be breathtaking!

This week, tears have been rolling down my cheeks. There were tears of laughter and utter joy hearing the hilariously entertaining and inspirational trombone quartet BonaNZa, and there were tears of amazement and utter awe when I was confronted by the emotional power of Rachmaninov in the hands of consummate artists Colin Carr and Diedre Irons. These are just two examples of the diverse emotional journeys I have been taken on this week, and as a result of these journeys I have been profoundly reminded of the power we have as chamber musicians to move and inspire the people around us. We have the ability to connect with and uplift the human spirit, and to bring real joy to the people around us. Simply put, Chamber music rocks!


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