The Wrap Up: “the more you invest, the more you stand to gain.”

The 10 Days of Chamber Music blogging started with a ” putting  music in a box” post from Chamber Music New Zealand Audience Development Manager, Victoria Dadd . What better way to top it all off than with a summing up from her? So here she is….

sheet-music-wrap-1209-deFriday 15 Feb – From Victoria Dadd

Phew. That was an epic 10 days of music making. Chamber music is very definitely alive in NZ! As with all festivals, there’s a bit of a deep breath now while we think, ‘what next?’.

Looking at the variety of music that was on offer, there was certainly a lifting of the lid on the chamber music box. I was really inspired by one comment, “the more you invest, the more you stand to gain.” This is true of many things. You have to be willing to give to receive – the greatest successes always incur some level of risk. Let’s continue to stretch what chamber music is and have fun with it.

We’ve certainly enjoyed facilitating these discussions around chamber music and hope to continue this blog in some form throughout the year. In the meantime, here are some good links so you can plan your next concert. If you want to share information about another concert or more links, please add it here or just let us know.

’til next time.

LINKY LINK LINKS…. (of NZ organisations / artists / festivals for chamber and classical music)

Chamber Music 

Adam Chamber Music Festival – so you can get details on the 2015 chamber music festival in Nelson

Chamber Music New Zealand – that’s us, the folks running this blog – we have concerts all year round throughout NZ

New Zealand String Quartet – these guys were a driving force behind the festival and perform regularly in NZ and around the world

NZTrio – Auckland-based but internationally recognised check out the trio’s website for tour dates

Wellington Chamber Orchestra

New Zealand Chamber Soloists

Michael Houstoun (pianist)

NZ International Piano Festival (takes place in Auckland)

ROSLNZ – A self-funded and non-profit Commonwealth organisation committed to supporting New Zealand musicians and artists

Stroma – NZ’s largest and most flexible chamber ensemble

Chamber Music Hutt Valley

Rotorua Music Federation

Tauranga Musica Inc

Waikanae Music Society

Wellington Chamber Music Trust

Michael Hill International Violin Competition

oh and here’s one from across the ditch – Chamber Music New Zealand’s Australian equivalent Musica Viva


New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Orchestra Wellington

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Southern Sinfonia

Of course this list is in no way exhaustive … so let’s embrace the ‘blogging-way’ and all contribute to it. Add your own NZ links and events below so we can share the chamber music / classical music love!

And when indeed will ‘next time’ be? Well the good news is this blog ( won’t vanish. We’ll be keeping all that’s already been posted out there for people to stumble across.

But even better we plan to continue posting down the track on other interesting happenings. So for now things will quiet down but do check back throughout the year and watch this space.

Plus – share your thoughts, comments and ideas on our current posts – we’re here and keen to talk about all things chamber music!


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