BEETHOVEN CONCERT 1 OF 40: The pianist’s fingers fly through the air

The very first concert in Michael Houstoun’s massive BEETHOVEN reCYCLE project took place at the Napier Municipal Theatre. Students from Lindisfarne College were there to witness the beginning of it all – with one in particular, Joshua White, keen to share the experience…

Students (including Joshua White 4th from the left) of Lindisfarne College with their teacher Matthew Wood meeting Michael Houstoun after the concert.

This was an astonishing performance.

Michael Houstoun showed the audience skills and technique beyond belief. I thought his interpretation on the Beethoven sonatas were outstanding and heavily involved the audience, which was evident by the standing ovation that he received at the end of each sonata. Once the concert had come to an end I was really fortunate to speak with him in person –  a great honour!

We had students at this concert with little or no knowledge of classical music, yet they were all out of their seats in total amazement.

The “Waldstein sonata in C, Op.53” was the highlight of the night for me with the variations on a theme, the changes in tempo, and the pianist’s fingers fly through the air.

– Joshua White, Year 13 student, Lindisfarne College.


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