BEETHOVEN CONCERT 8 OF 40: a true feast for the senses!

Simon Lynch, audience member and blogger for Michael Houstoun’s 8th BEETHOVEN reCYCLE concert is a tad regretful he missed out on the first Wellington concert. Here’s why…

Simon Lynch at Michael Houstoun's Beethoven reCYCLE Tempest concert in Wellington

Simon Lynch at Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE Tempest concert in Wellington

I had been eagerly awaiting the CMNZ reCYCLE tour this year, yet somehow managed to miss the opening ‘Waldstein’ concert in Wellington – I would not make the same mistake twice!

The programme for Sunday’s concert consisted of a further selection of Beethoven’s 32 sonatas, as Michael Houstoun shares with us the brilliance of Beethoven this year.

As the foyer filled ahead of the concert, it was apparent many were still abuzz from Friday’s concert, and all were eager for the next instalment. I took to a seat in what was an almost packed house. The Ilott is certainly an ideal place to have the reCYCLE series, as the piano is able to reach all corners of the audience with ease.

Houstoun delivered to us a rich programme with clarity and honest contemplation. From the light and jovial Sonata No.19 to the despair of the ‘Tempest’ sonata, we explored the many facets of Beethoven’s genius. A standing ovation, testament to Houstoun’s ability with the composer’s music, rounded out the evening.

With the close of Part One of this series on Monday night, and two more chapters in the tour to come, I would suggest to all to not delay in experiencing New Zealand’s foremost Beethoven pianist present the composer’s complete piano sonatas – a true feast for the senses!

– Simon Lynch, 15.04.13


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