BEETHOVEN CONCERT 15 of 40: Appassionata, a poem.

Wellington was the city to receive concert 15 of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE and being halfway through the cycle in NZ’s capital city it seemed fitting that I – Candice from Chamber Music New Zealand who began this Beethoven blogging idea – should contribute! So many people from around the country have shared their Michael Houstoun Beethoven experience on this blog that I thought I’d add to the mix with a poem. Fittingly entitled “Appassionata, a poem”. Here it is, my Michael Houstoun, Beethoven Appassionata experience…


Needless to say – I am quite enjoying my Beethoven experience. And the blinking back tears wasn’t an exaggeration. I was doing just that at the close.

– Candice, 02.07.13


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  1. Shona Thomson · · Reply

    The audience in Invercargill were on their feet, cheering and clapping immediately the ‘Appassionata’ Sonata came to an end. This whole concert was a win for Beethoven and a win for Michael Houstoun. As a young person I grew to love the Beethoven Symphonies and Concertos, and didn’t really ‘get’ the sonatas for a long time. Over many decades I have grown to love them all, and know them quite well.
    However, I had thought about listening to these before the concert, and I am so pleased I didn’t, because Michael made them so fresh and defined, with beautiful contrasts in dynamics.
    Beethoven has wonderful brief silences in his sonatas, and we ‘heard’ those, the passages leading up to the big moment when Beethoven says ‘Take that’, we heard those clearly too.
    Thank you Beethoven, thank you Michael and thank you Chamber Music New Zealand for making these concerts happen.
    We look forward to the next one in October.

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