People’s Chamber Music

Euan Murdoch (CMNZ CEO) is currently over in Melbourne as a judge in the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition. He’s been inspired and excited by what’s been happening…

asiapacific logoImagine being given the opportunity to perform in one of the best room’s for chamber music in the world…

This afternoon event was the brainchild of Emma Ayres who is not only a broadcaster and presenter for ABC Classic FM, she’s also a very passionate and able cellist. Her string quartet Accord had the distinction of opening the programme with a couple of movements of Mozart. Here’s their biography quoted from the Chamber Music Australia concert programme:

The members of Accord span the decades from the twenties to the eighties…It is a (mostly) family affair: Brenton is married to Miranda and Miranda is Martin’s Mum: ‘We simply love playing together’ says Emma: ‘Give us some music to a Haydn, Beethoven (only early) or Mozart, a bottle of red and we’re away. Hurrah for musical friends!’


Accord opening the programme with Mozart


The Accord quartet after their Mozart performance – ‘Hurrah for musical friends’


Husband and wife musicians Brenton and Miranda in a post-performance stage kiss

A good-sized audience was treated to a real variety concert yesterday with ensembles ranging from the more conventional string quartets and piano trios through to a bassoon quartet and a trio comprising viola, cello and double bass. All ages and stages were showcased from 8 to 80.

Chamber music has always encompassed amateur musicians making music for pleasure at home and this event really gave us an authentic experience of the genre, although the grandeur of the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Melbourne Recital Centre stretched the definition of a drawing room!

As we look forward to the finals of the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition, we hope that some of the excellent young ensembles will capture the spirit of making music together that was evident in People’s Chamber Music. It is this essence that will keep chamber music alive.

Bravo to Emma for dreaming up this idea, to all the wonderful performers who took part and to Chamber Music Australia and the Melbourne Recital Centre for getting in behind it and lending their support.

– Euan, 15.07.2013



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