BEETHOVEN CONCERT 18 OF 40: Echoing rain & prancing lambs

We’re almost halfway there in this Beethoven reCYCLE journey! Concert 18 was in sunny (or not-so-sunny this time) Nelson. Two of our Nelson audience members got creative and shared the Beethoven love…

Katherine and Ann at Michael's concert

Katherine and Ann at Michael’s concert

Ann Nighy and I (Katherine Dowie) are NMIT creative writing students who both share an excitement and enjoyment in classical music. We were delighted to attend Michael Houstoun’s concert last night at the Nelson school of Music.

It was a magical experience seeing Michael Houstoun play Beethoven’s Appassionata. The audience swooned, and the evening rain acted as a soft echo of emotion from outside as Beethoven came alive through Michael’s delicately articulate fingers.

Michael brought out the best from our Steinway piano as his fingers danced, pranced and bounced like spring lambs over the keys. Sitting as close as possible in the front row Ann and I were amazed at how quickly they moved, you could see the passion streaming through them. Playing the Sonata’s from memory it was as if he and Beethoven had become one. Concert pianists have a memory far greater than we lesser mortals! It was quite obvious that the Nelson music goers adore Michael Houstoun and we all offered him a standing ovation.

Michael has said “It was Beethoven who woke me up to myself as a musician. I heard a recording of my mother’s when I was very young, that was the Appassionata sonata. It was like a light went on.” Knowing this it was a privilege to experience him playing Beethoven’s Appassionata in his 60th year, and we hope he continues to give us such pleasure for a long time yet!

– Katherine, 21.08.2013


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