BEETHOVEN CONCERT 19 OF 40: a big reputation to live up to

Jackson Cordery gives us a taste of the anticipation, excitement and appreciation that the Taranaki region showed at New Plymouth’s first Beethoven reCYCLE concert…

Piano student, Jackson Cordery

Piano student, Jackson Cordery

My anticipation levels were high leading up to the evening performance on the 25th August. Michael Houstoun’s many awards give him a big reputation to live up to, and I was not disappointed.

I considered myself lucky to have been able to hear Programme No. 4, ‘Appassionata’, as the first piece in the programme was Sonata in in G, Op.49 No.2. It is a piece I am currently learning myself, and it was a great inspiration to hear Mr Houstoun play it.Perhaps the most amazing thing was that he played completely from memory, and still oozed feeling in his performance. The emotion with which he interpreted the music was arousing, and took you to another place. Everyone in the theatre was silently captivated by the performance until the last notes faded away and the full house showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. There was a definite buzz in the air after the show as the crowd filed out of the building. It was a performance I won’t soon forget, Michael Houstoun definitely lived up to his reputation.

– Jackson, 25.08.2013


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