BEETHOVEN CONCERT 22 OF 40: One out of the box

Part Two of Beethoven reCYCLE  wrapped up in Christchurch in the newly opened Transitional Cathedral (or as we know it – the cardboard cathedral), there were some challenges with seating and piano-moving in the new space which we’re following up on, but as usual Michael Houstoun’s playing was a winner! Here’s Bronwyn Bijl (Manager of the Christchurch Music Centre) to tell us all about it…

Michael Houstoun warms up in the new Transitional Cathedral

Michael Houstoun warms up in the new Transitional Cathedral

The cardboard cathedral was a full house on Sunday afternoon for the second part in the series of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven concerts. I went to the first in this series along with about 70 others earlier in the year.

On Sunday we were at the very back in the foyer of the new cathedral from where the sound was thin. That said, to be part of an enthusiastic audience sharing the joy of hearing live music performed in Christchurch again was one out of the box. The temperature inside was warm, the traffic outside was noisy,and yet none of this mattered. Here were a group of enthusiastic listeners basking in the lyrical phrasing of Beethoven so poetically performed by Houstoun.

I hope that we will see more full houses at Chamber Music New Zealand concerts where-ever they are in Christchurch, over the next few years, while we wait for the restoration of the Town Hall, and upgrade to the James Hay along with the new facilities in the performance precinct.

– Bronwyn, 05.09.13

We hope for more full houses at our Christchurch concerts too! As ever this blog is all about open discussion – so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on chamber music in different venues – what are your favourite venues in NZ and around the world for chamber music and what makes them special?


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