BEETHOVEN CONCERT 31 OF 40: ebony and ivory brought to life

Concert number 31 of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE, took place in Christchurch and featured the glorious Moonlight programme. Lavina Anderson, a first time chamber music concert goer and now self proclaimed Michael Houstoun fan, shares a few words on the whole experience …


Lavina Anderson

Sitting in my chair waiting for the lights to go down and the crowd to be quite, then all of a sudden a round of applause is like thunder, as Michael Houstoun comes on to the stage. As soon as he sits down on the chair the crowd goes silent and you could hear a pin drop. The silence is replaced by the beautiful notes of Beethoven and the wonderful sound of the piano singing.

Michael has the ability to bring the ebony and ivory to life, and to be to glide along the keys making the music sweet and beautiful to the ear. I am very privileged to of been able to attend two of the concerts, and be able to hear my favourite piece of music of moonlight sonata. Oh how blissful this was to be there live to listen to it. An experience that will be with me for a long time.
– Lavina, 2.11.2013

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