BEETHOVEN CONCERT 33 OF 40: A moment in time out of this world

The first instalment of the final part of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE in Auckland went down a treat, music student and pianist Gabrielle Peake shares…

Gabrielle (right) with fellow musician Eddy King.

Gabrielle (right) with fellow musician Eddy King.

Michael Houstoun gave a remarkable performance in Programme Five and certainly one of those rare performances which will be with me for most of my life.  Here is a man completely at one with the piano and particularly the Beethoven sonatas. 

There is humility and intimacy that Houstoun brings to the music. There is wisdom behind Houstoun’s interpretation of the sonatas that is refreshing and revealing.

It was like hearing them for the very first time but with a complete and new understanding.  The Pathétique carried great power, resonance and authority.  While op.109 captured the hearts and transcended our spirits to a place of elation and joy.  For me this is one of the most beautiful sonatas of all time and Houstoun with absolute precision created a moment in time out of this world. 

What an absolute privilege it has been to experience these series of concerts recycled from 20 years ago.  A series which I know will create history in the classical scene in New Zealand, if not the world.

– Gabrielle, 3.11.2013
MMus (performance piano)


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