Guest Post: Collaborative Collaboration

Collaboration. It is a well-used word in performing arts vernacular, and rightly so. You’d be hard pressed to find live performances that haven’t required some collaborative element in the journey to the stage.

In and of itself chamber music is collaboration – between the players themselves, between the composer and the players, between the players and the presenters. So what happens when this already collaborative process collaborates with another highly collaborative artform? (collaboration²?!)

NZTrio have been doing just that. This April they’ll be performing alongside Massive Company in My Bed My Universe.


Described as “honouring the people, soundscapes and places that make us who we are and shape the worlds we live in, My Bed My Universe is rooted in the rhythms of the everyday riffs of New Zealand”, it is a piece of theatre that epitomises multi-artform creation from start to finish.

It promises to be a big bang moment – but what came before the big bang?

NZTrio’s violinist Justine Cormack shares the highly charged experience of creating the work through the ‘Massive’ process…

Justine in rehearsal with Massive Company actors.

Justine in rehearsal with Massive Company actors.

At the official blessing of My Bed My Universe back in February, I had butterflies in my stomach, feeling somewhat like we three were about to launch ourselves off a cliff and into the unknown. Together, we were trusting that working with the incredibly gifted creative team of playwright Gary Henderson, director Sam Scott and composer Chris O’Connor plus the cast from Massive, we would be lifted into an incredible flight as we brought My Bed My Universe to life. We have come to the last few days of rehearsals and next week will pack into the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber for Production Week. The rehearsal process has been a huge leap – an intense and completely satisfying experience to learn to work together as a troupe. My sense is that we are all holding each other up, allowing each and every one of us to individually contribute to the show. As a musician entering into the ‘Massive’ process it is a truly exciting and expanding experience. I am loving the multitude of connections we are creating with each other and with the work. Seeing the show take shape over the last 4 weeks from the inside has been a privilege. Thank you Massive for sharing this incredible experience with us in NZTrio, and the butterflies have now manifested into sheer excitement for what is to come. – Justine.

Massive Company let us into the collaborative process via video  ….

Running! My Bed My Universe 

Collaboration: NZTrio on ‘MY BED MY UNIVERSE’

What is MY BED MY UNIVERSE all about?

Find out more about the project – head on over to


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