GUEST BLOGGER: Shauno Isomura & the Tsunami Violin


Earlier on in September, my brother and I (Kent Isomura & Shauno Isomura) held a concert tour in New Zealand named ‘Isomura Brothers presents the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour.

The tour was part of a world project involving violinists around the globe to perform on the Tsunami Violin – a violin made in remembrance of the deceased and with an aspiration of hope for the survivors of the 2011 Tsunami Earthquake in Tohoku Japan. Tsunami Violin was lent to us to be performed on for the 1st time in New Zealand and we performed an all Japanese composer programme in venues including the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber which was a sold out concert.

A pine tree, known as the ‘kiseki no ipponmatsu (miracle pine)’ was the only one that survived the earthquake & tsunami out of the 70,000 trees that once stood on the coast of Rikuzentakata town. A violin craftsman based in Tokyo, Muneyuki Nakazawa, was granted a special permission to use a small amount of the miracle pine to craft the sound post, and driftwood gathered from the coast after the tsunami to make the body of the violin. The Tsunami Violin not only represents hope of the survivors of the Japan Earthquake, but also the hope of the people who suffered similar tragedies across the globe such as the Christchurch Earthquake which happened only a few weeks before the Japanese earthquake. We were absolutely blessed to have so many people from all ages and ethnicity come together to remember the tragedies and praying for hope for the survivors through a music concert (All profits will go towards the Tohoku and Christchurch Earthquake).

I visited Japan the day after the final concert to return the Tsunami Violin, welcomed by the creator of the instrument, Mr. Muneyuki Nakazawa. In early 2018 right after the tour with Chamber Music New Zealand, my brother and I will go to Japan to pass on the concert profit as well as messages we collected from audiences around New Zealand to be given to the people of Rikuzentakata. We will then hold a concert tour around Japan performing the beautiful music by New Zealand composers. We wish to act as a bridge between our two home countries, connecting people and showcasing the music of Japan and New Zealand.

Shauno Isomura will tour NZ with the Mazzoli Trio next year – find out more.

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