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BEETHOVEN CONCERT 40 of 40 – Time for a big virtual family hug

It feels a bit self-indulgent to be filled with a sense of accomplishment for simply having experienced Michael Houstoun perform all of Beethoven’s piano sonatas this year. But in the interest of full disclosure and no censorship, I do. I feel as if I have been a part of something that will be remembered as […]

BEETHOVEN CONCERT 39 OF 40: Fangirls report – No Problems for Houstoun

Sunday was the penultimate performance of Beethoven reCYCLE. Unsurprisingly Michael Houstoun has a fair few fans. Two eager fans (Laura Barton and Kayla Jones) happened upon Michael in town before his performance and the result was an unforgettable experience… As the young women we are, we tend to have the ability to spot the people […]

BEETHOVEN CONCERT 38 OF 40: If you can make it along…just do it!

And so begins the culmination of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE journey in 2013. Friday night in Wellington was the first of the final three concerts for the entire series. Who better to chronicle the beginning of the final three than Chamber Music New Zealand’s Chief Executive, Euan Murdoch… Words cannot begin to express the admiration I […]

BEETHOVEN CONCERT 37 OF 40: How lucky we are

New Plymouth welcomed the its final concert of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE in a replacement venue, St Andrews Church on Liardet Street. Concert Season subscriber Darren McDonald tells us all about the venue, the concert and the cake!… What a wonderful season this has been here in our province  “like no other”.  Last night we went to […]

BEETHOVEN CONCERT 36 OF 40: All the Beethovian drama anyone could have wanted

Hamilton’s final Beethoven reCYCLE concert with Michael Houstoun sees the a return blogger! University of Waikato piano student, Dolan Cox finishes up for the series with his insight into the Beethovian experience… The weather outside the Gallagher Academy was unfriendly on Tuesday night but hundreds packed into the concert chamber to hear Michael Houstoun anyway.  With […]


For the last and final concert of Michael Houstoun’s Beethoven reCYCLE in Auckland , local Concert Manager Ros Giffney sums up the year-long journey that was full of magical and immersive musical experiences… When I knew that I had the privilege of blogging the final concert of the series I thought hard about what might be a […]

BEETHOVEN CONCERT 34 OF 40: It has been a rare treat

It was another SOLD OUT house in Auckland for it’s 6th Beethoven reCYCLE concert featuring the famous Moonlight sonata. Chamber Music Committee member Michael Weiss was in the crowd to witness another wonderful Michael Houstoun performance… It has been a rare treat – a first for me – to witness all thirty-two of Beethoven’s piano sonatas […]